Shit I Wish I Knew When I Graduated

1. Fuck passion. Find self-awareness

Oprah, I love you but this is just anxiety inducing.
Gary V. does a great job explaining self-awareness

Go solo and explore without expectation

  1. Travel. Have ‘Why not?’ moments. Meet new people. Try different challenges. You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to the other side of the world. Surround yourself with people of different backgrounds and interests to understand what distinguishes you. Traveling to a different country can be especially insightful, leaving the culture you knew behind and placing yourself against a backdrop completely unknown to you.
  2. Don’t embark on the Eat, pray, love mentality, thinking your life will be forever changed with that one trip to x exotic country. Travel with a mind open to the possibilities and not disappointed by highly photoshopped pictures of tourist destinations
What an excellent view of Chinese tourists @ Bagan, Myanmar

Find your quiet moments

  1. Whether it’s driving, taking a walk, or doing the dishes, find the moments when your thoughts are organized and you can have that ‘aha!’ .
  2. I recommend meditation retreats. A vacuum of electronic and actual noise, these retreats force you to examine your thoughts whether out of patience or sheer boredom.

Volunteer / work for free

  1. Volunteer not for the resume building but to explore what intrinsically interests you. Another way of thinking is, what would you teach and why? What would you share with others? Would it be interior design because you love the creativity and client-based work or online gaming because of the community and strategy?
  2. By virtue of the cause you’re interested in, you will find a community with similar values and can authentically connect with them rather than schmoozing with others in a networking event.

Run into your fear / build your story

  1. Running along a conventional path doesn’t take much thought, but running against it does. Listening to a speech is a straightforward process, but giving a speech suddenly raises your awareness of your fears and self-limitations.
  2. Going off above: Telling your friends you listened to a speech can seem trivial. Telling your friends how you were brave enough to deliver a speech and why you gave it, now that’s a story.
Frost knows his wisdom cold

“Ok, I’m aware of what I like, but it won’t make me successful.”

2. Breathe. Be journey-oriented first, then goal-oriented

My freshman year of college

3. Potential, not pity. You > environment.

Slumgods in the Mumbai Dharavi Slum




Am I doing this thing called life right?

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Am I doing this thing called life right?

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